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Mekong River cruises south east Asia, along the Thai/Lao stretch of the Mekong River border of Thailand and Laos cruises past towns and villages of theMekong River cruises south east Asia, along the Thai/Lao stretch of the Mekong River border of Thailand and Laos cruises past towns and villages of the Isaan people. Cruise where few tourists have ever cruised before.  Cruise with your English speaking / Thai speaking, Mekong River Cruise director Suree. Her Asian Mekong River Cruise packages include transfers to and from Nong Khai, meals, and Asian hospitality with a smile. The Mekong River is the 4th longest river in Asia.  In Thailand the Mekong River is known as "Mae Nam Khong" (Mother River). In Asia it is also spelled Mekhong River. The Mekong River starts in Tibet and flows out the Mekong River delta near Ho Chi Minh City..More information about Suree's Mekong River Cruise can be gained by phoning Suree or her Dad Chomsin.

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Meet your Thai Mekong River, English speaking tour guide, at the Nong Khai province town of Nong Khai for pre-boarding drinks and Isaan / Thai snack food. Then by car to a mountain top temple with SPECTACULAR views over the Mekong River to Lao (Laos) from the newest, popular with Thai tourists, Skywalk in Thailand near the paragliding launching pad. In the Green Season we'll have lunch at the spectacularly beautiful Than Thong Waterfall, up-stream from Vientiane for lunch. It's great to cool off under a water fall or in a rock pool set in a beautiful, tropical jungle environment. Bring your swimming clothes and sun cream. After lunch we cruise down the Mekong past the famous, beautiful Wat Hin Mak Peng Buddhist river bank temple and the long tail boats plying the Thai Lao boarder crossing at Phra Phutthabat. Disembark your cruise boat on the south bank of the Mekong River at Si Chiang Mai, 400 metres directly opposite and south of Vientiane city in Laos. Time will be given to see interesting local markets. From there you're transfered to your hotel in  city, ending your perfect day trip from Nong Khai city. The size of the cruise boad, depends on the size of the tourist group booking with a minimum of 4 people. All passengers must wear life jackets while on the water.

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Contact Phone Numbers for Mekong River Cruise โทรศัพท์พูด าษาไทย Phone Thai speaking Chomsin in Nong Khai Thailand +66 836777916

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Less than one week = $0. 1 to 2 weeks 50%. > 2 weeks 75%

Mekong River Cruise Recommendations: Bring camera for video / photos of the Mekong River Cruise. Sunglasses / suncream and a hat.

For GROUP Mekong tour packages please contact Suree for transfer payment online to her bank account.

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Best Mekong River cruise and tour of North East Thailand / Laos I've been on.  Laotian and Thai Isaan culture including spectacular Buddhist temples on mountains overlooking the Mekong river are views you'll want to take photos of. The Isan people on both sides of the Mekong river always have a smile. One of the world's best holidays.